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$0 set up fee

With Appia IT you do not have to incurr in initial set up fees nor installation costs.


Appia IT performs constant backups, allowing to recover data upto 30 days old.

SaaS by subscription.

As a Software as a Service solution, you just pay a monthly subscription based on the amount of users.

Quick overview

  • Track your price evolution in real time.
  • Ideal for multi-site traders.
  • Access at any moment, and from anywhere.
  • Interact with each cliente in his own language.
  • Monitor your traders and buyers activity.
  • Intelligent matching of your offers and demands.
  • Automation. Reduce repetitive and manual work to a minimum.
  • Product information tracking made simpler.



Contacts & Companies

  • Detailed contact and company information.
  • Contact and Companies Stats: Negotiations, offers, requests, sales performance.
  • Quick and advanced search
  • Contact information and main tasks dashboard
  • Affinity profile rules
  • Ability to define specific contact affinity with other companies, products, product categories, countries, ports, plants and brands.
  • Companies dashboard: detailed information, main tasks, company localization, contracts, etc.
  • Replicate affinity rules from one contact to another.
  • Multiple data views, from a company or contact perspective. Select a specific contact or company to view all of its associated offers, demands and negotiation lists.


  • Add, modify and delete offerings.
  • Quick and advance search by multiple criterias, such as by user, date, priority, if active, if read, or any other criteria.
  • Offering lists view.
  • Collaborative: notes, emails, chat among users and shared documents.
  • Statistical business offerings intelligence applied. All offering activity is recorded and fed to our intellingence module in order to automatically generate and send offerings based on companies previous purchasing activiy.
  • Pending tasks related to sent offerings, pending offerigs, etc.
  • Ability to generate offerings and define specific future time and date to be sent.
  • Offering automated intelligence. No more offer spamming!!. Offers are sent only to those who are real potential buyers and with the appropriate information.



  • Add, modify and delete demands.
  • Quick search.
  • Advance search by multiple criterias, such as by user, date, priority, if active, if read, or any other criteria.
  • Demans lists.
  • Collaborative: notes, emails, chat among users and shared documents.
  • Statistical business demands intelligence applied. Demand activity is recorded and fed to our intellingence module in order to automatically generate and send requests based on companies previous selling activiy.
  • Ability to generate demands and define specific future time and date to be sent.
  • Pending tasks related to demands.
  • Supplier Module: consolidates and sends all demands corresponding to a single supplier.


  • Define product categories.
  • Add, modify and delete products in as many languages as used by your team.
  • When creating and sending offers or demands product names are used according to the language selected as language of choice for the contact receinving the offer / demand.
  • Custom product lists administration.
  • User friendly products and categories management tool, with drag and drop features to move products from and to other categories.
  • Allows to add new products as you generate new offers or demands. 
  • Allows to include product pictures to be included when sending offers & demands.


email templates

  • Generate custom templates for communication with companies, contacts and suppliers.
  • Custom email templates for offerings and demands.
  • Allows to define templates by language, gender of receiver and language style (formal / informal)
  • Template search.
  • Improve your communication quality levels by standarizing general mail texts.
  • Considerably reduces time consumed in constantly writing and sending repetitive content.

Negotiation Module

  • Simultaneous view of Buyer and Seller negotiation process.
  • Real time negotiation information uptade.
  • Negotiation price change history.
  • All negotiation changes are recorded for future reference, from products, prices, payment conditions, and any other critical negotiation information.
  • Allows to include product pictures during negotiation process, in case those we not sent withitn the original offering.


General Features

  • Multilingual. Supports different languages and different character sets.
  • Allows each user to select prefered language.
  • Allows to define multiple user roles and profiles.
  • Internal chat among Appia IT users.
  • Activity notifications among users, both via email and / or chat.
  • Help tools and user manual.
  • Custom reports.

Cloud and Web based

  • Access at any time and from anyhere. All you need is your device and an internet conection.
  • Being cloud based, you don't have to incurr in hosting charges.
  • NO set up fees.
  • On a monthly subscription bases based on number of users.
  • All upgrades are included with your subscription.
  • Constant backups performed. With access to recover data upto 30 days old.